Mission Focus today announces the General Availability of SemApp.


SemApp is an Ultra-Large Scale systems platform for data unification and processing that enables the modernization and integration of PED capabilities into a holistic, efficient intelligence-gathering system.

By decoupling data ingest and conditioning from PED capability development, the SemApp enables rapid prototyping of PED tools with access to petabytes of diverse data and massive processing power.

By providing access to all the source data and the enrichment created by other users and processes, SemApp’s unified interface supports composable, multi-purpose PED tools that can build on each-other’s work.

By leveraging SemApp’s processing framework, new more powerful PED tools can be developed - tools that incorporate people and AI to incrementally fuse heterogeneous data into structured objects representing entities, events, and situations from a variety of perspectives.

By incorporating live sensor feeds, SemApp integrates PED into the battle-space, providing the bridge that enables diverse military systems to cohere into a unified battle network that can share information effectively.

“SemApp represents new thinking in information technology.” said Dr. Yoakum-Stover, Chief Scientist at Mission Focus. “It’s a key component of information-centric battle networks.”

“With SemApp we can create new kinds of kill-chains and close them quickly.” said Andrew Eick, CEO at Mission Focus.

“It’s all about rapid fusion.” said Jacob Stover, Lead Architect at Mission Focus. “SemApp is the way.”