SemApp General Availability for Artifical Intelligence (AI)


SemApp is an Ultra-Large Scale systems platform for data unification and processing. SemApp’s data representation and unified interface makes massive volumes of heterogeneous data available to AI development environments such as LiveBook and Jupyter, so that AI developers can focus on model development and evaluation.

SemApp’s processing framework enables AI developers to run their algorithms over any / all data. It also provides the infrastructure for data cleansing, transformation, feature extraction, and fusion that AI/ML methods require.

SemApp’s data architecture is an all-encompassing knowledge representation platform for the formation, exploration, and exploitation of ontologies, objects, relationships, and instances. It supports not only creating structured information for ML, but also ontology engineering for cognitive computing.

SemApp’s processing framework provides an open architecture that enables prototyping cognitive computing architectures without requiring expensive bespoke hardware. The combination of processing framework and data representation enable SemApp to realize the full range of cognitive analytics including inference, reasoning, hypothesis generation and validation, learning and adaptation, and domain cognitive model development.

“SemApp is the ideal platform for AI development.”, said Dr. Yoakum-Stover, Chief Scientist at Mission Focus. “It not only breaks the data barriers, it opens a door to new science.”

“SemApp’s ultimate scale is limited only by the size of the cloud itself.”, said Andrew Eick, CEO at Mission Focus. “Its use of scale-to-minimum cloud services and smart data lifecycles policies makes processing and managing data at scale efficient and, here’s the key - affordable.”

“I’m excited about the tactical edge.”, said Jacob Stover, Lead Architect at Mission Focus. “Smaller SemApp nodes make a unified network that moves AI to the edge while maintaining access to all the data.”